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Impeccable Work from a Commercial and Residential Electrician

Looking for a reliable commercial and residential electrician? Courtesy Electric Inc. is the one to call! With 20 years of experience providing superior electrical services, we’re the electrical go-to company for homes and businesses in Manassas, VA, including . So leave the task to us.


Residential Electrical Service


Every home’s energy supply is essential in today’s age. Without it, our home won’t be comfortable to live in and we won’t be able to entertain ourselves during our spare time. It is used to power our air conditioning and heating systems, lighting fixtures, and much more. Also, we won’t be able to watch our favorite television shows and would probably find it difficult to power our gadgets. That’s why at the first sign of electrical problems, call a home electrician right away.


We provide a comprehensive home electrical service. From simple installations to repairs, our experts are trained to handle your needs for a smooth and efficient home energy supply in Manassas, VA. With innovative techniques up our sleeves, you can rest easy knowing you’ve made the right choice.


Commercial Electrical Service


When it comes to commercial electrical work, this shouldn’t be handled by your typical residential electrician. First, businesses have more complex electrical installations that need experience and the right tools to get done. If you delay or hire an amateur instead, the outcome could be disappointing. Worst-case scenario: you’ll be facing a loss of profit from your restaurant or store and productivity from your staff. So when in need of a commercial electrical company, give us a call right away.


Not only are the experts of Courtesy Electric Inc. capable, they are also experienced and equipped to perform any electrical tasks. Our top-grade electrical equipment ensures swift and fast resolution to every problem or installation. And we use our experience to handle every aspect of the problem with professionalism and expertise.


When faced with electrical tasks, our commercial and residential electrical service is the business you can turn to. Dial (571) 277-8880 now!